Endo and exo aortic morphometry (endoluminal) in the aortic arch and its branches

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Our study was conducted by the examination of angioCT’s, performing external measurements of aortic arch and the exo and endoaortic measurements of its three. The diameter of the thoracic aorta prior to the origin of the brachiocephalic arterial trunk was found with an average of 31.65 mm and below the left subclavian artery origin we found an average diameter of 24.3 mm. The brachiocephalic arterial trunk had an average diameter of 11.575 mm, 6.05 at carotid artery level and 9.05 mm at the level of the left subclavian artery. The endoaortic average diameter of the brachiocephalic arterial trunk: horizontally, 13.0 mm and vertically 11.7 mm; left common carotid artery horizontal diameter was 10.5 mm and 9.7 mm vertically and the left subclavian artery have 14.1 mm horizontally and 10.8 mm vertically.

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