Relations between pulmonary venous branches and bronchial and arterial branches

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Our results were obtained on 24 cases, 12 plastic molds and 12 dissections, examining the relations between the branches of origin of the pulmonary veins, and of their roots and trunks with the corresponding bronchuses and arteries.

We assessed the situation of the superior and inferior right pulmonary veins, of the superior, middle and inferior lobes pedicles, together with the general assessment of the right pulmonary pedicles. Same is on the left. We cannot speak of a general sample that applies to the broncho-pulmonary vascular pedicles or to the relations between the pulmonary veins and their branches with broncho-arterial elements, as they are quite varied; they are characteristic of each lung lobe and even segment, being unable to assess standard relations only in the hilum. When variation in number occurs, even into the hilum we may have altered relations. Also is quite common that vascular branches may pass from one lobe to another, as long as the pulmonary fissures are rarely complete.

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