Theoretical Arguments for Creative Economy in Policy-Making of Governments and Practical Introduction to Creative Economy Research in Slovakia

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Creativity is a new paradigm of development, which connects society in its economic, cultural, technological and social aspects at the macro and also micro level. Creativity, knowledge and access to information are central points of this paradigm and are considered to be engines of economic growth in globalizing world (UNCTAD, 2008). The paper offers a theoretical review of the concept and its tools and approaches, which are connected to creative economy. The paper maps the current situation of supporting creative economy in Slovakia at all levels of government. By analysis of strategic documents at national, regional and local level, we found out that promotion of creative economy is reflected only in a minority of received documents. The direct support of the creative economy was found only in documents of two county seats and one autonomous region. Any concrete concept was not adopted for supporting creative industries at the national level. Slovakia is just at the beginning in finding out how such industries contribute to the economy.

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