Age and growth of sea trout, Salmo trutta L., from new commercial catches in the lower Vistula River

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The age and growth of Vistula River migratory sea trout, Salmo trutta L., caught in commercial catches in the Vistula in 2017-2018 were analyzed. The mean length of the sea trout caught was 61.4 cm in 2017 and 62.8 cm in 2018. It was confirmed that the fish caught reached an average of 56.5 cm following the first year at sea, 69 cm after the second year, and 82 cm after the third. The dominant age class among the fish in the catches was a sea age 1+. No older age classes than 3+ were noted. The age at smoltification of the sea trout examined in most instances was 2+. The results obtained were compared and discussed in light of historical results. The condition coefficient calculated was lower than that of the 1960s.

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