Production, carcass characteristics and valuable cuts of purebred Simmental and Simmental × beef breed crossbred bulls in Finnish beef cattle population

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The objective of the present research was to study the potential for improvement of growth and carcass traits through Simmental (Si) × beef breed crossbreeding compared to purebred Si bulls in Finnish beef cattle population. The data collected from Finnish slaughterhouses included observations of 6 224 purebred Si bulls plus Si × beef breed crosses. For estimating valuable cuttings, a separate dataset including in total 314 bulls was also collected. The estimated average daily carcass gain of the purebred Si bulls was 686 g/d and it improved by 3 and 6% with Si×Blonde d’Aquitaine and Si×Charolais crossbreds, respectively. Carcass conformation improved by using Blonde d’Aquitaine, Limousin and Charolais crossbreeding compared to the pure Si bulls. Si×British breed crossbreds (Angus and Hereford) had poorer carcass gain and produced poorer conformed carcasses compared to purebred Si bulls. Furthermore, the yield of subcutaneous fat was higher in the Si×Angus and Si×Hereford bulls than in the purebred Si bulls.

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