Myiasis – Pathology or Treatment?

Gabriela Mariana Iancu 1 , Lilia Mahu 2 ,  and Maria Rotaru 1
  • 1 “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu,
  • 2 County Clinical Emergency Hospital, , Sibiu


Myiasis is the infestation of live vertebrates with arthropod larvae of the order Diptera. The increase in the number of tourists in endemic areas, with the appearance of new cases in risk-free geographical areas, has increased the interest of doctors in knowing the insects that cause myiasis. The most common cases of myiasis are found in tropical and subtropical areas, the temperate zone being of interest in the warm season. In dermatological practice, there are cases of skin myiasis, especially at the level of skin ulcers. The appearance of ulcers myiasis is favoured by the poor socioeconomic status, poor hygiene conditions or associated debilitating general pathologies. Performing a correct treatment of ulcers is the main factor in preventing the larval infestation of ulcers.

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