The Numerical Investigation of Thin-Walled Beams with Modified C-Sections

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Demand for thin-walled structures has been increasing for many years. Cold- formed, thin-walled channel beams are the subject of presented research. The local elastic buckling and limit load of these beams subjected to pure bending are investigated. This study includes numerical investigation called the Finite Strip Method (FSM). The presented results give a deep insight into behaviour of such beams and may be used to validate analytical models. The number of works devoted to the theory of thin-walled structures has been steadily growing in recent years. It means that is an increasing interest in practical methods of manufacturing cold-formed thin-walled beams with complicated cross-sections, including also beams with web stiffeners. The ratio of transverse dimensions of beam to its wall-thickness is high, therefore, thin-walled beams are prone to local buckling that may interact with other buckling modes. The stability constraints should be always considered when using cold-formed thin-walled beams.

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