Diagnostic methods of detecting defects within the material with the use of active infrared thermovision

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Article presents the methods of detecting defects within material with the use of active infrared thermovision. During the study ABS and PVC samples were used inside which internal structure defects and defects of glue conjunction between components were modeled. During combining composite materials with the use of glue joints, there is a problem with homogenous distribution of the glue layer on the surface of an element, which results in the creation of defects in joint structure and the decline of active surface of adhesion forces on the combined materials. It is then necessary to control the quality of the conjunction between the glued surfaces. The use of non-contact diagnostic methods allows to analyze a larger surface which conditions in more efficient quality control process. In the study, external heat excitation was used - optical excitation with periodic variable signal (LockIn method) and unit step excitation (Pulse method). The methods of analysis of the obtained thermograms are presented.


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