Reproducibility of machine tools’ circularity test according to ISO 230-4 with respect to testing position

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In this paper circularity of three different machine tools by Virtual Machine was analyzed. To get circularity we make a ball bar test according to ISO 230-4. The test is very common in engineering for a quick diagnostic Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) technical conditions. We implemented earlier calculations of Volumetric Error in our Virtual Machine. Then we simulated testing of circularity of CNC machine tools. The place to take the test was chosen randomly from Uniform Distribution in three different kinds of machine tools. Those machines had different characteristics of kinematic errors and squareness and also different sizes of working space. We observed significant differences in the indicator (circularity) depending on the place where the test was taken. Moreover we showed that there was no reason to take the test in the center of working table.


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