Microstructural Characterisation of Archeologic Finds Discovered at the Ironworks in Mădăraș

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In the middle of the 16th century the ironworks of Mădăraș was one of the important centres of iron production. During its one and a half century lifespan its output provided a significant part of Transylvania’s iron supply. While it operated it used up the entire raw material extracted in the iron ore mines of the Felcsík basin. This study presents the reconstructed ground-plan of the ironworks, its layout on the shores of the Mădăraș creek, and the chemical composition and microstructure of the samples discovered during exploration of the location by means of XRF analysis, EDS analysis and metallography. The analysis of the pig iron, the steel and the slag although performed on individual samples, still provides a good approach regarding the products of the ironworks, their chemical composition and microstructural characteristics.

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