Mechanical and Microstructural Features of Ceramic Hollow Spheres

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In this study two different types of hollow sphere were examined by mechanical, geometrical and microstructural measurements, and the fracture force, geometrical properties and chemical composition were determined. The diameter of the „01 globocer” type specimens was 2.37 mm on average, while the value for the „03 globocer” type specimens was 6.88 mm, both were smaller than the nominal diameter. The average deviation from the circularity of the 01 globocer specimens was 8 %, the value for the 03 globocer specimens was 6 %, while the average wall porosity was 53±3 % and 56±3 % respectively. The surface of the hollow spheres was uneven, which has an impact on the contact surfaces during pressure tests, which affects the fracture force values. The average value of the fracture force of 01 globocer spheres was 42 N, and of 03 globocer hollow spheres was 288 N. The diameter had a bigger impact on the fracture force values of the type 01 specimens than in the case of 03.

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