The Economical Issues of the Greek-Catholic and Orthodox Deaneries of Târgu Mureş between September 1940 and October 1944

Emil Tătar 1
  • 1 “George Emil Palade” University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology of Târgu Mureș, , Romania


The Greek-Catholic and Orthodox Deaneries of Târgu Mureş were part of the ceded territory through The Vienna Arbitration. The economic issues that the two deaneries faced during World War II were complex and varied. The first one was related to the seizure of the majority of the harvest collected on the church territory in the autumn of 1940. The living of the clergy and their families was affected also by the payment delayed until February 1941. Beside all of these, the economical stability was affected, for a longer period of time, by the loss of their lands, which constituted a source for additional revenues, especially for the poorer parishes. Some of the investments in building new churches were in vain. Two churches were demolished by unknown authors during 1941. The economic problems, that the two deaneries faced, have returned to the previous situation after the liberation of the Northern Transylvania.

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