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This paper presents the results of studies on gas sorption performed by means of the gravimetric method. The tests were performed on two coal samples of different metamorphism degrees, came from two regions of Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland. The changes in sorption capacity of coals were measured in the pressure range from 0.1 MPa to 17 MPa and in temperatures ranging from 291K to 333K. Coal of a lower coalification degree was a better methane sorbent. Changes in sorption capacity of tested coals were linearly dependent on the temperature. The increase in temperature of 10K reduces the Langmuir sorption of about 0.7-0.8 [cm3/g]. Such increase of temperature causes a nonlinear increase of the Langmuir pressure (b-1). These results showed that the rise of rock temperature, caused by geothermal gradient, can induce a significant increase of equilibrium pressure of methane in coal seam. An increase of coal seam temperature may cause an increase of gas and coal outburst risk in a coal mine.

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