Microscopic Analysis of Shear Bands Formation in Luna Limestone Under Quasistatic Triaxial Loading Conditions / Analiza mikroskopowa pasm ścinania próbek wapienia luna poddanych quasistatycznym trójosiowym obciążeniom

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The article presents the results of microscopic analyses of shear bands of carbonate rocks subjected to triaxial compression. Strength tests were performed in axisymmetric loading conditions, at various confining pressures and strain rates. The layout and nature of phenomena occurring in shear bands at various strain rate loading conditions were analysed under the microscope on thin rock sections of damaged samples. The principal part of the study involves identification of damage types in shear bands, which mainly depend on the rock deformation rate and petrography. Also, quantitative analysis of particular types of damage in shear bands was performed and their dependence on the mechanical tests conditions. The last item discussed in this article is the quantitative analysis of the width of shear bands at various loading conditions.

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