Clinical Study on the Perception of Patients with Orthodontic Appliances Regarding the Periodontal Change

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Introduction: The orthodontic treatment helps in reestablishing a functional occlusion, improving the aesthetics and functionality of the dento-facial complex. A correct alignment of the teeth, through the correction of some dental or skeletal anomalies, enhances the possibilities of dental hygiene, thus reducing the risk of periodontal affections. Nevertheless, the presence of orthodontic appliances in the oral cavity may reduce the efficacy of the means of oral hygiene by creating retentive areas for food, thus producing damages at the level of the marginal periodontium.

Objective: The evaluation of oral hygiene practices for patients in the course of fixed orthodontic therapy and the identification of changes appeared at the level of the marginal periodontium caused by the orthodontic appliances.

Material and methods: A questionnaire with 20 questions was distributed to a number of 129 patients undergoing the active phase of orthodontic treatment in the Orthodontic and Dentofacial Clinic of the Medical Dental School Tîrgu Mureș or in some private practices in the Bucharest metropolitan area.

Results: The majority of patients surveyed are aware of the means of dental hygiene and practice a daily brushing, associated with auxiliary means. The iatrogenic effects of the fixed therapy are represented by gingival recession, gingival overgrowth and bleeding during brushing but these were visible only in the case of a small number of patients.

Conclusions: The fixed orthodontic treatment must be started only after a thorough evaluation of the marginal periodontium, with a close orthodontist – periodontist collaboration and avoidance of jiggling-like movements.

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