Deep Venous Thrombosis Associated With Inferior Vena Cava Abnormalities And Hypoplastic Kidney In Siblings

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Congenital inferior vena cava anomalies have a reduced frequency in general population, many times being an asymptomatic finding. Patients caring such anomalies are at risk to develop deep vein thrombosis. In this paper, we present 2 siblings with deep venous thrombosis and inferior vena cava abnormalities, with a symptomatic onset at similar age. The inferior vena cava abnormality was documented by an angio-CT in each case. The thrombophilic workup was negative. Patients were treated with conservative therapy: low molecular weight heparin anticoagulants converted later to oral anticoagulant with resolution of symptoms and disappearance of the thrombus. Finally, in the absence of any risk factor in a young patient admitted with deep vein thrombosis investigations to exclude inferior vena cava anomalies are mandatory.

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