The relationship between blood pressure variability and cardiovascular risk factors in patients with primary hypertension

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Objective: The aim of the study is to assess 24-hour blood pressure variability, circadian blood pressure profile and its relation to 24-hour blood pressure and cardiovascular risk factors in primary hypertension without any associated disease versus associated with a disease such as diabetes or chronic kidney disease. Methods: This observational study included 90 hypertensive patients, 49 with primary hypertension without associated disease and 41 patients with primary hypertension and diabetes or chronic kidney disease. Circadian blood pressure profile and 24-hour variability were assessed using ambulatory monitoring. Laboratory data regarding cardiovascular risk factors and demographic data were collected in a questionnaire. Results: The number of dipper patients was higher in the group without associated disease, but the difference was not statistically significant (p=0.27). In both groups a positive correlation was found between 24-hour systolic blood pressure variability and 24-hour systolic blood pressure (p=0.029) and was related to age (p=0.031). In the second group, systolic variability showed a positive correlation with serum triglycerides (p=0.006, r=0.416, CI: 0.1252 to 0.6422). Conclusion: Our findings suggest that systolic blood pressure variability is related to age, systolic blood pressure values and serum lipid levels. To prevent end organ damage in hypertension, the assessment of ambulatory monitoring derived 24-hour systolic blood pressure variability and its reduction may be at least as important as blood pressure lowering.

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