Effects of Heat Input on the Mechanical and Metallurgical Characteristics of Tig Welded Incoloy 800Ht Joints

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This study focuses on the effect of heat input on the quality characteristics of tungsten inert arc gas welded incoloy 800HT joints using inconel-82 filler wire. Butt welding was done on specimens with four different heat inputs by varying the process parameters like welding current and speed. The result indicated that higher heat input levels has led to the formation of coarser grain structure, reduced mechanical properties and sensitization issues on the weldments. The formation of titanium nitrides provided resistance to fracture and increased the tensile strength of the joints at high temperatures. Further aging was done on the welded sample at a temperature of 750°C for 500 hours and the metallographic result showed formation of carbides along the grain boundaries in a chain of discrete and globular form which increased the hardness of the material. The formation of spinel NiCr2O4 provided oxidation resistance to the material during elevated temperature service.

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