The Impact of the Thickness of the Ceramic Shell Mould on the (γ + γ′) Eutectic in the IN713C Superalloy Airfoil Blade Casting

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In the study the wall thickness of ceramic shell mould influence on (γ + γ′) eutectic in the IN713C nickel-based superalloy airfoil blade casting was described.

Two castings formed as a blade from two wax pattern assemblies were analysed. In the experiment in one pattern the thick ceramic layer was obtained on pressure side and in another one on suction side of the airfoil blade. The microstructure of the cross-sections of the castings were observed on polished and etched metallographic specimens. The microstructure and phases chemical compositions of specimens was analyzed by using the scanning electron microscope Hitachi S-4200 equipped with EDS. It was established, that wall thickness of ceramic shell mould affect size, shape and volume fraction of (γ + γ′) eutectic islands in airfoil blade made from IN713C superalloy.

The analysis was provided in accordance to the typical statistical methodology [1].

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