Structural Properties and Mechanical Behavior of the 2 Step-Reinforced Al-Si/SiCp Metal Matrix Composite by Titanium-Fiber

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In this study, the newly designed Al-9Si/SiC particles (SiCp) + Ti-fiber (2step-reinforced Al-9Si alloy matrix) metal matrix composites (MMCs) were fabricated by hot-pressing sintering at 560°C. 2step-reinforced Al-based MMCs were characterized by thermal shrinkage, phase transition, microstructure and tensile strength. The addition of Ti-fiber reduced thermal shrinkage was caused by temperature difference in sintering process as well as enhanced assistance for tensile strength and plastic deformation at room temperature. Experimental results reveal that the 2step-reinforcment sintering by ceramic and metal has a significant effect to increase interface bonding in boundary of each component material and the improved mechanical properties were due to the influence of interfacial product by diffusion. Tensile strength and elongation at room temperature by 2step-reinforcement were improved in 19.5% and 26.2% more than those of Al-9Si/SiCp, respectively. Especially, it reveals that diffusion direction may be varied by sintering methods at low temperature in this study.

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