Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of CrMoV Steel after Long-Term Service

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The paper presents the results of research on the microstructure and mechanical properties of 12HMF steel after longterm service. The investigated material was taken from a pipeline with circumferential welded joint after 419 988 hours of service at the temperature of 490°C, steam pressure 8 MPa. Performed research has shown that the 12HMF steel after service was characterized by a typical microstructure for this grade of steel, that is a ferritic-bainitic microstructure without any visible advanced processes of its degradation. The investigation of mechanical properties has shown that the examined steel after service was characterized by a very low impact energy KV, and yield strength lower than the required minimum. Whilst tensile strength and yield strength determined at elevated temperature was higher and similar to the standard requirements, respectively. It has been proved that the main cause of an increase in brittleness and a decrease in yield strength of the examined steel should be seen in the segregation of phosphorus to grain boundaries and the formation of precipitate free zones near the boundaries.

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