Barrier Structures on the Basis of Graded-Band-Gap CdHgTe Obtained by Evaporation-Condensation-Diffusion Method

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The paper presents the methods of obtaining photovoltaic structures based on CdXHg1-XTe graded-band-gap epitaxial layers. Barriers in these structures were formed by solid phase doping of the material with low-diffusing impurities (As). High-temperature diffusion of acceptor impurity (As) in intrinsically defective material of n-type conductivity as well as ion introducing the donor impurity (B) in uniformly doped during the epitaxy process material of p-type of conductivity have been used. The possibility of creating multi-element graded-band-gap photovoltaic structures suitable for broad band detection of infrared radiation as a result of epitaxial growth by evaporation-condensation-diffusion method has been demonstrated.

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