Internal Friction and Dynamic Modulus in Ultra-High Temperature Ru-Nb Functional Intermetallics / Tarcie Wewnętrzne I Moduł Dynamiczny W Bardzo Wysoko Temperaturowych Funkcjonalnych Związkach Międzymetalicznych Z Układu Ru-Nb

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In the present work we have studied the high-temperature shape memory alloys based on the Ru-Nb system by using two mechanical spectrometers working in temperature ranges from 200 to 1450ºC and -150 to 900ºC. We have studied internal friction peaks linked to the martensitic transformations in the range from 300 to 1200ºC. In addition, we have evidenced another internal friction peak at lower temperature than the transformations peaks, which apparently exhibits the behaviour of a thermally activated relaxation peak, but in fact is a strongly time-dependent peak. We have carefully studied this peak and discussed its microscopic origin, concluding that it is related to the interaction of some structural defects with martensite interfaces. Finally, we perform a complete analysis of the whole internal friction spectrum, taking into account the possible relationship between the time-dependent peak and the martensitic transformation behaviour.

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