Influence of Surface Modification on Properties of Stainless Steel Used for Implants / Wpływ Modyfikacji Powierzchni Na Właściwości Stali Nierdzewnej Stosowanej Na Implanty

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The aim of the study was assessment of the influence of stainless steel 316 LVM surface modification on its functional properties. The analyzed steel undergone a surface treatment consisting of the following processes: mechanical polishing, chemical passivation and deposition of Al2O3 layers by Atomic Layer Deposition method. The proposed variant of surface treatment will undoubtedly contribute to improving the functional properties of stainless steel intended for implants. In order to assess functional properties of the steel, electrochemical studies, adhesion (scratch test), wetting angle tests and topography of surface (AFM method) were performed. The obtained results of the study showed clearly that the proposed by the authors way of surface treatment including: mechanical polishing, chemical passivation and deposition of Al2O3 layer by means of the ALD method effectively improves the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

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