Experimental Investigation Of Modified Heat Treatment Of AK64-Type Al-Si-Cu Sand Cast Alloy

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An experimental investigation was conducted to observe and analyze the microstructural evolution of phases present in the AK64 Al-Si-Cu alloy subjected to a modified T6 heat treatment (HT). The AK64 alloy1 is the Polish alternative of the A319.0 ASM standard aluminium alloy. The modified T6 HT schedule with a higher temperature and shorter duration was applied in the solutioning process and lower quenching and higher artificial ageing temperature than the prescribed by the ASM standard were used. The cooling curves registered during the liberating of overheating and solidifying processes give important information on nucleation temperatures for the Al dendrite network, Al-Si eutectic reaction and precipitation of Cu-rich phases. Comparison of the as-cast and heat treated microstructures revealed predicted microstructural changes and also partial fragmentation of the Fe-rich phases was observed after the application of the modified HT programme.

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