Research And Characterization Of Cu – Graphene, Cu-CNT’s Composites Obtained By Mechanical Synthesis

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Currently we can observe a worldwide trend to find new materials with extraordinary properties. In particular these researches are aimed to find a method to improve electrical conductivity, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and rheological behavior of known materials. This effect can be achieved by a synthesis of modern carbon materials with metals. In this paper authors presented research results of synthesis process for Cu-graphene and Cu-CNT’s composites obtained by the mechanical synthesis in cold drawing process. The article presents also the results of electrical conductivity measurements and structural analysis of carbon particles presence in copper matrix. The research has shown that obtained composites have electrical conductivity lower than used copper base material. Additionally, the structural analysis has shown that after the drawing process carbon materials particles are mechanically pressed into Cu in the matrix, and these particles do not participate in the current flow, creating an actual barrier for electrons transport.

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