Effect of Alloying Elements on Microstructure and Properties of Al-Mn-Fe Ribbon

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Influence of Ti, V, Cr, Zr, and Mo additions on microstructure and mechanical properties of the Al91Mn7Fe2 quasicrystalline alloy produced by the melt spinning technique has been studied. It was found that the microstructure of obtained all ribbons was similar and consists of spherical or dendritic icosahedral quasicrystalline particles embedded in an aluminium matrix coexisting with small fraction of intermetallic phase. Comporing DSC curves obtained for each sample it was observed that the alloy with Mo addition exhibits the best thermal stability among prepared alloys. Addition of molybdenum caused a significant shift of the main exothermic peak corresponding to temperature of quasicrystalline phase decomposition from 450ºC for ternary alloy to about 550ºC for quaternary composition. Microhardness measured for all prepared alloys were similar with the mean value of about 200 HV only alloy with Zr addition exhibited higher microhardness of about 270 HV caused by strengthening effect of Zr localized in the grains of aluminium matrix.

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