The Influence of Radiation Model on the Distribution of Heat Flux in the Pusher Furnace / Wpływ Modelu Promieniowania Na Rozkład Gęstości Strumienia Ciepła W Piecu Przepychowym

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A three dimensional numerical model of the heat exchange during a charge heating process in a pusher furnace, using the finite element method, was used in this study. The radiative heat exchange in the furnace chamber was carried out based on two methods: the zone method and the method of basing on the average configuration ratio. In the zone method the flux of radiation energy reaching the surface of the heated charge was determined by performing calculations of brightness in a multi-surface closed system which is the pusher furnace chamber filled with an emitting-absorbing medium. In the second case an average configuration ratio was used by setting the radiation energy flux through linking the walls temperature with the furnace atmosphere temperature.

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