Detection Damage in Bearing System of Jet Engine Using the Vibroacoustic Method

Mariusz Żokowski 1 , Paweł Majewski 1  and Jarosław Spychała 1
  • 1 Division for Aeroengines, Air Force Institute of Technology, , 01-494, Warsaw, Poland


The article discusses typical, operational systems for monitoring vibrations of jet engines, which constitute the propulsion of combat aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. After that, the paper presents the stage of installing vibration measuring sensors in the direct area of one of the jet engine bearings, which is a support system for its rotor. The article discusses results of carried out analyses of data gathered during tests of the engine in the conditions a jet engine test bed. Results of detecting damages to the bear-ing, using sensors built in the direct area will be presented.

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