Bioconversion of Oilseeds into Bioproducts for Cultivated Plants Nutrition and Protection

Mariana Popescu 1 , 2 , Florin Oancea 1 , 2 , Elena Radu 1 , Mălina Deșliu-Avram 1 , and Călina Petruța Cornea 2
  • 1 National Research and Development Institute for Chemistry and Petrochemistry – ICECHIM , 202 Spl. Independentei, District 6,, Bucharest, Romania
  • 2 University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, 59 Marasti Blvd, District 1,, Bucharest, Romania


Natural by-products from vegetable oil industries and spent edible oils from domestic or public food spaces should be recycled to obtain new added value products. Present paper proposed a technical solution for complete valorisation of inedible oilseeds or spent edible oils into bioproducts for nutrition and protection of plants cultivated in conservative organic agrosystems. Pressed cakes resulted from mechanical cold extraction of mustard oil contain residual oil and bioactive compounds which were released using an enzymatic cocktail 1:1 cellulase with proteases coupled with azeotropic solvents into a single Soxhlet extractor. From mustard meal, a solid fraction with glycerol derivatives of fatty acids (56.23% oleate and 17.47% linoleate) decanted from syrup (41.78% xylopyranoside and 48.48% trilinolein) and from mustard cake (76.44% linoleate) in the supernatant, the same oligosaccharide (29.64%) and proteinates (30.18%) in the solid fraction. The total extract was simultaneously concentrated and converted into a bioactive potassium salt emulsion able to encapsulate insectofungicidal natural compounds as bioproducts with agronomical applications.

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