Preliminary Study Regarding the Additional Effect of Adding Antioxidants on Bull Frozen Semen

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For a long period of time, cryopreservation and dilution of sperm represented a very important role in improvement of biotechnology of artificial insemination in the bovine. Regarding to this fact the study has been realized in period 2016- 2017 at the center of amelioration for seminal material, Semtest-BVN Târgu-Mureș and at the laboratory of theriogenology of Faculty of veterinary medicine Bucharest. In this study, 7 ml sperm from one Holstein bull (SunnyBoy) was obtained using artificial vagina. The ejaculate was divided to 5 parts and diluted using Triladyl extender (250 g) adding vitamin E with 2 concentrations 1μmol or 2 μmol, catechin 0.1μmol, Trolox 0.1 μmol, and a standard probe without adding antioxidants. Straws had been analyzed using Computer- assisted sperm analysis (CASA) for motility and composite after thawing. As a first conclusion of this study, it can say that the group with vitamin E presented a higher motility than the other groups.

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