Research on Phenotyping and Eno-Carpological Traits of Twenty-Three New Romanian Table Grape Varieties (Vitis Vinifera L.)

Georgeta Mihaela Bucur 1  and Liviu Dejeu 1
  • 1 University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine from Bucharest, 59 Marasti Blvd, District 1,, Bucharest, Romania


Twenty-three new Romanian table grapes varieties were analysed for their phenological behaviour, quantitative characteristics (bunch weight, berry weight, their length and width, grape yield), sugar accumulation, titratable acidity, and ºBrix / acid ratio during three consecutive years (2015-2017). The higher temperatures recorded during the study period determined an advance in the development of the main phenophases, especially the grapes’ harvest maturity. Absolute minimum temperatures during winter, damaging the vine, have significantly affected grape yield. As a consequence of earlier phenology and lower yields due to frost damage, harvest was advanced between 2 and 4 weeks than the average. The results obtained in this study favoured five remarkable genotypes for their very good quality of grape (‘Victoria’, ‘Tamina’, ‘Xenia’, ‘Napoca’ and ‘Augusta’). These varieties are distinguished by the highest values for bunch and berry weight (between 300-500 g and 5.5-8.4 g, respectively), berries’ size uniformity, the sugar content between 15.45-21.53 ºBrix and balanced ºBrix / acid ratio. Lately, the high temperatures during the grape maturation period have led to increased accumulations of sugar in berries, to reduced acidity, which affects the sugar-acidity balance; a more careful choice of grape harvest time is needed.

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