The Influence of Variety and Storage Conditions with C.A. on Quality Indicators at Three Varieties of Quince (Cydonia Oblonga)


The aims of this work were to determine which storage conditions can preserve the quince quality (Cydonia oblonga Miller, Rosaceae family), stored in three different rooms with controlled atmosphere (CA). Due to their reported high polyphenolic content in the fruit, three varieties of quinces, like Ekmek, Bereczhi and Tinella were stored and monitored for twelve months. During storage period, the following quality parameters were monitored: dry matter content (D.M.%), titratable acidity (TA), soluble solids (°Brix), firmness, antioxidant capacity and also content in total flavonoids and total polyphenols. After twelve months of storage, observations showed that quince from Tinella variety presented better quality parameters compared to quinces from Ekmek and Bereczhi varieties. As expected, keeping quinces in the presence of CO2content, respectively 2% and 5%, presented better physical and biochemical quality compared with those stored without CO2 (control).

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