Education Rights Development in Accordance with European Jurisprudence of Strasbourg

Erdi Kuka 1 , Saimir Shatku 2  and Ermal Tauzi 3
  • 1 Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, , Tirana, Albania
  • 2 Faculty FVFR, UST, , Tirana, Albania
  • 3 Legal Advisor, Constitutional Court of Albania, , Tirana, Albania


Every society has its dynamic, economic, political and social development, which is closely related to the education right in the country and the priority given to it by the particular state-owned bodies created in this context. In the modern period, when globalization and technology are stretched out almost in every vital activity, and the society education plays a central role by helping generations about their skills. A society proves emancipation when all its citizens have access in all legislative and law enforcement structures by shareing their contribute to developing and testing skills in order to find new ways and development forms, related to education. The purpose of this paper is to show the education progress in Albania in accordance with European Jurisprudence of Strasburg, which has played a decisive role in protecting this important human right. Through analyzing the concrete cases dealt with by this court, as well as comparing the national legislation provisions with those issues, we will be able to see the results achieved in the education rights field by the Albanian state through the implementation of those provisions. As a conclusion, it should be acknowledged that the final result achieved in this paper, will help us to improve and develop one of the most relevant rights of the individual human being.

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