Xanthium Italicum – Anatomy And Histology Data

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The species of the genus Xanthium L. raise a number of taxonomic problems, and in some cases their identification is difficult and involves to a great extent the features of the fruit. The identification of some additional criteria, such as anatomical and histological features of the vegetative organs, would be highly beneficial. In this context, the current paper analyses the species Xanthium italicum Moretti, one of the six species of the genus Xanthium, recognised as being present in Romania. The paper highlights few anatomo-histological features of the above-ground vegetative organs, which should subsequently be evaluated in other species of the genus Xanthium, with the purpose of identifying those structural criteria, which could contribute to the identification of the species. The paper also completes with new data and original pictures the limited information available in the literature as regards the anatomy of the above-ground vegetative organs of the species Xanthium italicum.

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