Geotourism and Mining Heritage: a Potential Gold Mine for Central Nigeria


The potential for geotourism and mining heritage of some landscapes in parts of Kaduna, Plateau, Nasarawa and Kwara states in central Nigeria were studied and compiled. The result show that geological endowments range from insalbergs, flood basalts and dome structures, which presents natural landscape for tourism. The quartzite ridges of the Oreke area in Ilorin host the Owu Falls of 120m cascading waters, the Kafanchan flood basalts that flowed extensively from the Kagoro hills with extensive columnar jointing creating the prestigious water falls of over 30m all present versed potential for geotourism. Mining activity around the Jos Plateau (Bassa, Jos, Bukuru, Barakin Ladi and Bokkos areas), southern Kaduna (Godogodo and Jagindi) create landscapes that if properly beautified can become tourist landmarks. Adopting and harnessing these landscapes can boost and provide alternative revenue for the affected central.

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