Milkability evaluation of Holstein dairy cows by Lactocorder

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Milkability evaluation of Holstein dairy cows by Lactocorder

The aim of this work was to evaluate chosen milk flow characteristics of Holstein dairy cows, using mobile electronic milk flow meters - Lactocorders. A total of 181 Holstein dairy cows were evaluated and divided according to parity, lactation stage and bimodality in order to carry out a detailed comparison of measured milkability traits. The average total milk yield was 11.98±3.41 kg per milking with an average milk flow rate of 2.52±0.75 kg min-1 and a maximum milk flow rate of 3.94±1.30 kg min-1. The total milk yield showed positive correlations with the average milk flow rate (r = 0.48; P<0.001) and also with the maximum milk flow rate (r = 0.32; P<0.001). More than 47% of milk flow curves were classified as bimodal. Bimodality was positively correlated with the duration of the incline phase (r = 0.73; P<0.001) and negatively correlated with the quantity of milk obtained during the first minute of milking (r = -0.34; P<0.001). In relation to the lactation stage - the highest average milk flow rate was reached by Holstein dairy cows at the beginning of the lactation (up to 100 days in milk), and in relation to parity - the highest milk flow rates were measured in second-lactation dairy cows.

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