In vitro tissue culture initiation from potted and garden Hydrangea macrophylla explants

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The effect of sterilisation treatments on the initiation of the culture of three Hydrangea macrophylla genotypes in vitro was studied. The results indicated difference among different disinfection treatment; the consequence of treatments with dichloroisocyanuric acid, in combination with silver nitrate, was a significantly higher survival rate comparing to treatments based on NaOCl. Success of sterilisation was significantly influenced by studied genotypes. Two potted hydrangea genotypes (G2 and G3) showed higher survival rate (45.00 %, 55.00 %, respectively) comparing to the genotype 1 (originated from a local garden), which exhibited the highest percentage of contamination rate (58.75 %). Culturing the explants on a McCown woody plant medium supplemented with BAP at 2 mg/L and NAA at 0.005 mg/L produced the highest number of shoots with multiplication rate of 1.31 in 5 weeks. The highest rooting percentage (100.00 %) was obtained with the genotype 2 on a McCown woody plant medium supplemented with 0.5 mg/L IBA.

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