Impact of the Agroforestry Biodiversity and Social Management on Food Bioresources

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Current and future challenges, the efficiency of food systems resources, induced by the impact of biodiversity loss and degradation, in general and agro-forestry biodiversity, in special, are crucial and contribute concretely to ensuring human and animal welfare and health, with direct implications for quality of life. Social responsibility is the attribute of every member of the civil society and every member of the knowledge society, to protect the food resources that are so necessary for the evolution of the present and future generations. Responsible social approaches need to be incorporated into day-to-day decisions from all decision levels because they have a dynamic character with real involvement in practice. We have an obligation to preserve the ecological balance, and so fairly fragile, but from the desire to accumulate benefits in the short term, we endanger the productivity and efficiency of the food system. For people belonging to poor and vulnerable groups, local biodiversity ensures the functioning of ecosystems and the provision of goods and services that are so necessary to unfold a healthy life, representing a social safety net with direct implications in the process of sustainable development.

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