New Bio-Scientific Interpretations of the Eco-Economic Zootehnization of the Romanian Performing Agriculture

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It is known that in all Western European countries, during the 20th century was initiated, developed, applied and consolidated the bio-scientific principle of agriculture zootehnization, so this trend continues in the first two decades of the 21st century. Based of the official data of EUROSTAT, this article presents the concrete situation of the dynamics of the two main livestock productions, respectively milk and meat, using annual data, namely those published in 2016 and 2017. The authors use new bio-scientific arguments to analyze and interpret the concept of agriculture zootehnization, with unprecedented and documented ighlighting of polyvalent and synergistic aspects, between the effective zootechnical practice of the performing agriculture (on the one hand) and the bioeconomic management of animal husbandry (on the other hand). Thus, the authors report the fact that at 21 611 thousand head dairy cows in the EU (excluding the United Kingdom), is collected a production of 138 511 thousand tonnes milk, with a average milk production of 6 409.29 kg / head, of which in the milk industry (Table 3. with those 14 selected countries), the year is obtained, in thousand tons, 30 087 dairy products (milk for consumption, milk powder, butter and cheese). In the same sense, the authors present and analyze the dynamics of meat production from the farm livestock and they find that the annual values for carcass weight in thousands tons are for bovine 6,885, for pigs 22,522 and for sheep 423, which highlights a real zootechnical, genetic and bio-productive potential. We underline that in two synthesis tables, the authors present the numerical situation of the relations between the European Union and Romania, so in a professional way, through a new bio-scientific argument it is justifiably demonstrated that Romania needs to develop inter-, multi-and transdisciplinary and to apply a real country project for the Carpatho-Danubiano-Pontic autochthon space in its European context.

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