Determinant Factors of Cow’s Milk Production in the Mountain Area

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The production of milk, the quantity of fat respectively constitute the main criterion of assessment of dairy cows in the mountain area and downhill. The average performance in the succession of eight lactations per total lactation is 3420.67 kg, and per normal lactation is 3209.20 kg milk. The limits vary between 1506 kg of milk and 8835 kg milk recorded for lactation and 1506 kg of milk and 7322 kg milk for normal lactation. The study of statistical parameters of index of the total duration of lactation allows us to affirm that the cows from the herd studied have the genetic potential to increase lactation beyond the limits of normal lactation of 305 per days. Milk production per day is higher with + 0.45 kg per total lactation than normal lactation. Extension of lactation and breast resting shortening represents loss of milk production in both current lactation and the next lactation. To estimate the effect of localities was used the analysis of variance within samples. Raw data tables have been processed to create tables of variances between herds of the 6 localities and within the herd in each locality. The influence of the locality on the milk production is null.

The output production of milk cows has as enablers: daily output and duration of lactation on her. The raise of the productive cows milk level in the mountain area and hence income breeders is achievable through the integration and expansion of biotechnology.

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