Spatial Variation in Blooming and Yield in an Apple Orchard, in Romania

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The aim of this study was to analyse the spatial variation of blooming, yield and quality parameters, in an apple orchard, by using precision agriculture tools. This study is a preliminary step in order to create management zones, to take the management decisions and made the evaluation of the applied practices. The study was conducted in the Research and Development Station for Pomology Voinesti, Dambovita, on the 0.9 ha orchard. The orchard consists in Florina apple trees and Generos pollinator. The surface was mapped with GPS and the yield of each tree was manually harvested and weighed. Apple quality was evaluated in terms of: firmness, soluble solid content, juice pH. Also, in spring was determined the number of flowers/tree and the exact period of flowering. The interpolated maps were created using Surfer 8 software and the correlations between yield and quality have been established; some quality characteristics are negatively correlated with yield, like firmness.

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