Stability relationships of REE-bearing phosphates in an alkali-rich system (nepheline syenite from the Mariupol Massif, SE Ukraine)

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Dumańska-Słowik, M., Budzyń, B., Heflik, W. and Sikorska, M. 2012. Stability relationships of REE-bearing phosphates in an alkali-rich system (nepheline syenite from the Mariupol Massif, SE Ukraine). Acta Geologica Polonica, 62 (2), 247-265. Primary REE-enriched fluorapatite and fluorbritholite-(Ce) in nepheline syenite from the Mariupol Massif (SE Ukraine), contain textural and chemical evidence of late- to post-magmatic metasomatic alteration. REE mobilization and replacement of the primary phases by fluid-mediated coupled dissolution-reprecipitation strongly depended on the distance between the altered minerals in the host rock. Fluorapatite and fluorbritholite-(Ce) forming individual pristine grains were partially replaced by the same phase with a new composition, resulting in the presence of patchy zoning in altered grains. The increased REE contents in altered fluorapatite rim domains are related to REE mobilization from the altered REE-depleted rim domains of the fluorbritholite-(Ce). The REEs were transported by a fluid with high F activity. The alteration of fluorapatite and fluorbritholite-(Ce) grains in contact resulted in the partial replacement of the primary phases by the same phase with a new composition, but also in the partial replacement of the fluorapatite by secondary monazite and fluorite. The REE mobilized from the fluorbritholite-(Ce) in the presence of a F-rich fluid in an alkali-rich system promoted formation of monazite as the new phosphate REE-host. The presence of secondary parisite in the altered domains of the fluorapatite and fluorbritholite-(Ce) indicates a CO 2 component in the fluid during metasomatic alteration.

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