ThermoCalc Application for the Assessment of Binary Alloys Non-Equilibrium Solidification

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The paper presents the possibility of application of the developed computer script which allows the assessment of non-equilibrium solidification of binary alloys in the ThermoCalc program. The script makes use of databases and calculation procedures of the POLY-3 module. A solidification model including diffusion in the solid state, developed by Wołczyński, is used to describe the non-equilibrium solidification. The model takes into account the influence of the degree of solute segregation on the solidification process by applying the so-called back-diffusion parameter. The core of the script is the iteration procedure with implemented model equation. The possibility of application of the presented calculation method is illustrated on the example of the Cr-30% Ni alloy. Computer simulations carried out with use of the developed script allow to determine the influence of the back-diffusion parameter on the course of solidification curves, solidus temperature, phase composition of the alloy and the fraction of each phase after the solidification completion, the profile of solute concentration in liquid during solidification process, the average solute concentration in solid phase at the eutectic temperature and many other quantities which are usually calculated in the ThermoCalc program.

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