Model of Cu-Al-Fe-Ni Bronze Crystallization

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According to the analysis of the current state of the knowledge shows that there is little information on the process of phase transformations that occur during the cooling Cu-Al-Fe-Ni hypo-eutectoid bronzes with additions of Cr, Mo and/or W, made additions individually or together, for the determination of: the type of crystallizing phases, crystallizing phases, order and place of their nucleation. On the basis of recorded using thermal and derivative analysis of thermal effects phases crystallization or their systems, analysis of the microstructure formed during crystallization - observed on the metallographic specimen casting ATD10-PŁ probe, analysis of the existing phase equilibrium diagrams forming elements tested Cu-Al-Fe-Ni bronze, with additions of Cr, Mo, W and/or Si developed an original model of crystallization and phase transformation in the solid state, the casting of high quality Cu-Al-Fe-Ni bronze comprising: crystallizing type phase, crystallizing phase sequence, place of nucleation.

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