Investigation of Mechanical and Anti-Corrosion Properties of Flame Sprayed Coatings

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This article presents the results of an examination of the properties of thermal flame sprayed coatings produced by material in the form of four powders (two polymers: PA11 and PA12 CastoPlast, and two high purity: tin and aluminum) on the substrate of the unalloyed structural steel of S235JR grade. Investigations of coating properties are based on metallography tests (SEM and CLSM), measurement of microhardness (acc. to PN-EN ISO 6507-1:2007), anticorrosive (acc. to PN-EN ISO 9227:2017-06) and bend testing. Results demonstrate properties of flame sprayed coatings that are especially promising in the industrial applications where corrosion-resistant coating properties are required. Consequently, performed experiments show that the highest corrosion resistance is demonstrated by steel samples with a polyamide anti-corrosion system. Accelerated corrosion tests showed the lowest corrosion resistance of the tin coating system, however, they do not fully correspond to the corrosion processes in operating conditions.

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