Nanotubular Oxide Layers and Hydroxyapatite Coatings on Porous Titanium Alloy Ti13Nb13Zr

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The surface condition of an implant has a significant impact on response occurring at the implant-biosystem border. The knowledge of physical-chemical and biological processes allows for targeted modification of biomaterials to induce a specified response of a tissue. The present research was aimed at development of technology composing of obtaining the nanotube oxide layers on a porous titanium alloy Ti13Nb13Zr, followed by the deposition of phosphate coating. The porous substrate (porosity about 50%) was prepared by a selective laser melting of the Ti13Nb13Zr powder with the SLM Realizer 100 equipment. The nanotubular oxide layers were fabricated by electrochemical oxidation in H3PO4 + 0.3% HF mixture for 30 min. at a constant voltage of 20V. The calcium phosphate coatings were formed by the electrochemically assisted deposition (ECAD). The presence of nanotubular oxide layers with their internal diameters ranging from 30 to 100 nm was observed by SEM (JEOL JSM-7600F). The nanotubes have dimensions that facilitated the deposition of hydroxyapatite.

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