Testing and Traceability Aspects in the Context of the Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

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Testing and Traceability Aspects in the Context of the Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

With the growth of complexity of the software systems it becomes more complicated to ensure and evaluate quality of the software being built. This paper discusses quality of the software in the context of the Model Driven Architecture. Paper analyses factors that affect quality of the software in the software development projects that are developed using MDA. As one of the important factor that affects quality of the software, is traceability. This paper provides description of the traceability property and importance of it within development of the software. Within context of this paper traceability is considered as a property of a system description technique that allows changes in one of the system descriptions to be traced to the corresponding portions of the other descriptions. This paper is focused on such aspects of the software development as testing and traceability in the context of MDA. Paper contains in review of traceability, MDA and traceability within MDA. Also paper contains description of the method for formal definition of the problem domain - called Topological functioning modeling for model driven architecture (TFMfMDA). This paper introduces method of the application of the TFM as the traceability tool. TFM as the traceability tool can be used to analyze impact of the changes and select most important tests.

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