Occurrence of the Red Kite Milvus milvus in Slovenia

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The Red Kite Milvus milvus breeds alomost exclusively in Europe, its population is in decline. In the past, it was regarded as a rare migrant in Slovenia. In the 1990s it was classified as a possible breeder, extremely rare winter guest with more observations during migration. Between 1977 and January 2017 117 records of 121 individuals were gathered. Most (113) involved single birds on migration. Exceptionally, birds were present for a longer period - a single record of a summering bird is known. Since 1980 the number of birds per year increased from 1 to 1.1, 3 and 9 after 2009. Possible reasons are increased awareness and population increases to the north and northeast of Slovenia. Red Kites were observed throughout the year with the lowest numbers during summer and winter, which surprising, because the species is increasingly common during winter in central Europe. Migration of Red Kites in Slovenia begins in February with a peak in early April and May and between August and mid-November with a peak in early in October. The migration period coincides with arrivals and departures from breeding grounds. Red Kites have been observed all across the country, with more observations at well-watched sites. Birds were observed between sea level and 1740 m a.s.l. with only a handful of observations above 1000 m a.s.l.

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The Journal of Bird Watching and Bird Study Association of Slovenia - DOPPS Bird Life

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