Stability studies of chitosan-DNA-FAP-B nanoparticles for gene delivery to lung epithelial cells

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Stability studies of chitosan-DNA-FAP-B nanoparticles for gene delivery to lung epithelial cells

A successful gene delivery system requires efficiency and stability during storage. Stability studies are imperative for nanomedicines containing biotechnological products such as plasmids and targeting peptides. Chitosan-DNA-FAP-B nanoparticles are novel non-viral vectors for specific gene delivery to the lung epithelial cells. In this study, the storage stability of chitosan-DNA-FAP-B nanoparticles at -20, 5 and 24 °C was examined. Size, zeta potential and transfection efficiency of these nano-particles in storage were also evaluated. Stability studies showed that chitosan-DNA-FAP-B nanoparticles were stable after 1 month when stored at -20 °C and retained their initial size, zeta potential and transfection efficiency. However, their stability was not desirable at 5 and 24 °C. Based on these results, it can be concluded that chitosan-DNA-FAP-B nanoparticles can be a promising candidate for gene delivery to lung epithelial cells with good storage stability at -20 °C during 1 month.

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